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Learn How To Make An Indoor Succulent Bowl Arrangement

I'm going to make a succulent bowl. Rather than just put it in a pot, I went to my local Menard's and I got this very inexpensive plastic bird feeder. I primed it with a plastic primer, sprayed that stone looking stuff on it. Outside, of course, I'm going to fill it with sand to give it some weight, but the bowl, you just put a couple holes in the bottom to give you drainage. It's a great little thing.

Most of these guys are shallow rooted, these sedums and different succulents. Now, this guy I just pulled right out of my yard, what the heck, let's enjoy it in a pot up close. The nice thing is I can always put it right back outside when I'm done. Some of these you can go to the store, your garden center, grocery stores, they sell little ones everywhere.

This is a kalanchoe, and we here at Lyndale Plant Services use them in offices very frequently. When they're done after about a month, I take them home and I let them resprout. This one's just coming back into color, so I'm going to add some of this great color. I'll have another four to six weeks to enjoy this guy.

You can pick things right out of your garden. It's so easy with a succulent to just root it right there. Believe me, it will work, I have been doing this all summer long. Every time something breaks off, I just stick it right back in the soil. I'm going to add this nice little ground cover that will add some nice trails this way.

This is a type of crassula, which is jade plant. This one, obviously, is not the jade plant that you see in Asian restaurants. They love to use that, it represents money, which is why you always see a jade plant in a Chinese restaurant. There we go, just jam it right back in. This is a haworthia. Very cool plant, something that would never grow in Minnesota unless it's indoors or outside in the summer. I love this guy, it's got so much color.

Let me just turn this around for you. You're supposed to get dirty when you're playing with plants. You got that straight from me. I've got my soil nice and premoistened here. What else do I have here? This is another type of crassula. This is a sedum. Not hardy outdoors, but why not just put it in a pot that's going to come back in with you at the end of the summer season? I will probably put these in separate pots when I'm done at the end of the season.

There's so many choices here. Here we go, perfect. This broke off, so what I'm going to do is just pull off all this lower foliage. I was taught in school that you need to let this callus, leave it sit for a few days, but I have found through trial and error that all you have to do is stick it in dirt. Soil, dirt, I like soil better than dirt. Just stick it in, it's going to root, it really is. What else? Maybe some more yellow. This is tilting, let's get you straight. Add color where you need it. I'm sure you get the idea. Here's another little piece of crassula. Again, it's a different species. A lot of people like succulents, they're very popular these days.

I'm going to play around with this a little bit longer, but I think you get the idea. Very fun to do. Take an old bird bath, I bought one fresh, but you could just take one that's leaking, then you don't have to worry about putting drainage holes in either. Have some fun, play with plants. That's how I live.

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