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Moss Walls

Moss Walls

Our Reindeer Moss grows abundantly in vast Scandinavian forests and is harvested by hand in a way that ensures perfect renewal of the plant.  The moss is preserved naturally and is 100% biodegradable and is also fire retardant.  Reindeer moss is a very efficient acoustic modulator, making it a perfect biophilic design element in public places and offices.

Our Light Stone panels are made from a combination of natural stone and resin, which is lighter and more manageable than raw stone.  These naturally attractive panels come in two finishes which complement any interior:  Prairie Brown and Mountain Grey.

Our sustainable Yellow Poplar tree bark comes from the Appalachian Hardwood Region of the U.S.  The poplar wood is used for furniture production, but the bark has limited practical uses. Biomantage helps prevent the bark from becoming waste  Our bark also has excellent acoustic properties.

Harvested sustainably by hand in the forests of France and preserved naturally, our Vivid Green Pole Moss presents a 3D, natural texture in a distinctive, long lasting color.

Biophilic Design

  • Addresses the human need to be in touch with the natural world
  • Incorporates natural elements into the built environment
  • BioMontage is a biophilic design product that requires no light, maintenance or water

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