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Learn How To Rejuvenate Your Plants By Pruning

We are going to do a little pruning today, this is a schefflera arboricola, and I'm going to take and rejuvenate this all the way back.

Taking a lot off today. As you can see when I turn it around, this is how it looks when you've rejuvenated it. It comes back great with a lot of foliage.

This is really a nice project to do early in the season, you can do it this time of year because these are such fast growers. What you're going to get out of this is you're going to get an entire new plant.

This was cut very severely in the back, and you can see how it's come straight out of the wood. I've left a little bit of the green showing here, and it will continue to grow the same way.

Easy way to rejuvenate a plant that's gotten old, maybe the foliage on top doesn't look as good anymore, maybe it just doesn't fit the space that it's in. Easy enough to take your pruners and deal with it

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