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How To Restore A Kalanchoe Plant

Today we're going to talk about how to trim a Kalanchoe.

This is a plant you can find in so many places, especially in the winter time because it’s a cool season bloomer. You can find these cheap for like 10 bucks even at Home Depot.

Now this one as you can see it’s kind of waning, its losing some of its oomph. This one is even further along, I've let it go dry and let the flowers go. The key to getting it to come back and flower again for you is to start cutting away some of this old growth and letting it dry down. That's a key too is you let it dry down, put it in a cooler spot. Maybe you've got a window that you could put it next to at night and that helps initiate another set of buds.

So, I'm just going to cut all this back, cut off the big leaves that don't look right because it’s already starting to put out new tiny little foliage. Don't be afraid to cut. This helps the plant do what it needs do. So, you just continue to cut until you get down to where you see the newer foliage coming out.

This is one I did, it looked identical to this one. It was from the same batch. I did this 10 days ago, and its already starting to initiate the bloom. So is another time I can cut back some more of these bigger leaves that no longer look appropriate. Cut these back and now that I've got some bloom showing I'm also going to give this a light fertilizer. Just use my Miracle Grow whatever name brand I have, I buy sale items so it doesn’t have to be name brand.

Then put this in light, give it the fertilizer and you're going to have a whole new bloom again on your Kalanchoe, or Kalanchoë, that you may have gotten for 10 dollars.

So, enjoy your plants. Don't consider this a total loss. Trim it back, encourage it to re-bloom. They can go for years if you let them.

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