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Spring Bulb Bowl Garden Design

Today we're going to put together some spring bulb gardens. There's different ways to do it.  You want to look for plants that haven't flowered yet because you want that color to pop after you buy it.

In this example, I have used a basket which is very attractive. In it are purple muscari with yellow and pink flowers. I added a few Easter eggs for decoration and covered it with sheet moss.

But for a taller container, I'm using an assortment of bulb plants which is usually a cheaper way to buy them. Then I'm going to add some more around it. I've already taken these out of their pots. I'm going to make this a one-sided pot. I'm going to have the taller tulips back here, daffodils, and then my smaller ones up front. So, I'm just going to fill this in back here with the different plants.

You can use whatever you can find is good. I'm also going to add a little bit of rooted cuttings of ivy which will help perk it up too. You can add little accouterments like eggs, like I did on that one.

Whatever you think looks pretty and will get you through the rest of the winter is what you add to your bulb garden. Its fine to go out and just buy a small one or a couple of small ones and do something like that. But if you want a center piece for your table this makes a really nice longer lasting one. Especially if you do like I said, go out and get product that doesn’t have a lot of color in it yet. Because you want all that color available at home not blown out in the store.

Just add some more soil to bring up the soil level. Without the color it will look a little plain but it’s going to fill in well. Sheet moss is a nice cover for it or if you want to get really fun, Easter grass is a good choice. Add a couple extra little ornaments wherever you wish.

Adding the rooted cuttings bringing another dimension to it. Because if it lasts long enough you're going to get this flow outside the pot as well. Ivy or pathos are nice options, or anything you have that you can root easily at home this time of year. Add your grass and you've got yourself the beginnings of a beautiful bulb garden.

Something else you can do, and this is a little bit more unusual to do with the bulb. I've got a glass vase here, I've added some marbles. This is a beautiful beautiful hyacinth and I'm going to use it by itself. Cut off some of these roots. Stuff these roots right down in here. I know you're thinking, "How’s it going to grow? Where’s the soil?" it does not need the soil at this point. Add some more of my marbles. You water that in. Look at that, that’s perfect for a desk.

Go out and buy yourself some spring bulbs, put together a look that suits your home, your office, and have a good rest of the winter.

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