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Learn The Proper Techniques For Trimming Back A Plant

We are going to do a little rejuvenation trimming on this limelight. This is actually quite an old plant, it's about five years old. I have trimmed it in the past, and when you trim it, a new sprout grows out.

It's kind of due for a big one, and when I say rejuvenation, I'm going to pretty much cut this way back. I'm going to take it out, let it regrow. It's going to sit here in the shop for a little while, we'll get some new growth on it. Don't be afraid to take these down farther, because where you want the new growth to come out is more or less where you're going to be able to see it really well.

The other thing with these too, if you let it get too tall, you're going to get a top heavy plant here. At this point, it's not much to look at, but it will grow back very rapidly with a new shoot, right like this.

If this was in a public place, like in one of our accounts, obviously I wouldn't have waited this long. The other thing I would do is not trim it quite so far back, or all three canes at once. The ideal way to do it in a public setting is to do one cane every month, and you'll continually rejuvenate this plant, and you'll have a great looking limelight that will last many years.

Something else that you can do, and I'm not going to do it today, but I'm going to just mention it, you can take these, trim off these bottom leaves, and just stick it right in the soil. Maybe I will do it today for you, what the heck. Keep that moist and you will get new growth right out of the bottom of the plant. How cool is that?

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